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Episode 33 - Paul Debevec

Cara is joined by Dr. Paul Debevec, Chief Visual Officer at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies. (His cutting-edge science made Avatar, Gravity, District 9, Benjamin Button, and a bunch of other films possible!) He shares the process of making a digital character, the importance of crossing the uncanny valley, and how you can tell that the moon landing was not a hoax. Follow Paul: @debfx.

Episode 31 - Lawrence Krauss

Cara sits down with theoretical physicist Dr. Lawrence Krauss ("A Universe from Nothing") at Apostacon in Omaha, Nebraska to discuss his cover story in Scientific American magazine. Topics include the recent BICEP2 findings (including what gravitational waves are and what they mean for inflationary theory) as well as why it's important for scientists to communicate their work to the general public. Follow Lawrence: @LKrauss1.