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Episode 58 - Natalie Panek

Rocket scientist, explorer, and champion for women in engineering Natalie Panek connects with Cara across international borders to talk about how we can attract more women to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields and then retain them. They also discuss the state of modern television as it relates to science literacy and what we can do about all that space junk orbiting planet Earth. Follow Natalie: @nmpanek.

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Episode 57 - Chris Mooney

Cara speaks with Chris Mooney, Energy And Environment Reporter for the Washington Post, about all things climate change. Topics discussed include: how personality and psychology play into the decisions we make about the environment, how understanding liberal vs. conservative viewpoints can help us affect environmental change in a more meaningful way, and the difference between sea ice and land ice in ever-warming Antarctica. Follow Chris: @chriscmooney.

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Episode 56 - Hank Green

Cara talks nerdy with master of teh interwebs Hank Green (SciShow, CrashCourse, vlogbrothers, etc, etc, etc). He describes his love affair with science, how crowd funding is changing the way we create really good content, why people can be so awful on the internet, and all the hard work YouTubers put into their craft. Also he is very funny. Follow Hank: @HankGreen.

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