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Episode 109 - Ben Hauck

Ben Hauck, creator of, joins Cara to discuss common arguments denialists use against anthropogenic climate change, and how we can be better armed to fight them. Also discussed: ocean acidification, alternative energy, and why it is so very important to engage in civic duty, like pressuring your representatives to speak up for the climate and going to the polls! Follow Ben: @FightDenial.

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Episode 108 - Vanessa Hill

YouTuber Vanessa Hill (BrainCraft) joins Cara to talk about her journey from Australia to America and the brilliant work she does in science communication. Also discussed: the perils of being a woman on the internet, and how the USA could learn a thing or two from the land down under, specifically about elections and healthcare. Follow Vanessa: @NessyHill.

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Episode 107 - Neil Shubin 2

Cara is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue her conversation with paleontologist, geneticist, anatomist, and popular science author Dr. Neil Shubin (Your Inner Fish, The Universe Within). They discuss Tiktaalik's place in our evolutionary past, along with new technologies and techniques that continue to unify Darwin's prescient theory and provide new clues to the great tree of life here on Earth. Also included: answers to brilliant questions asked by previous Talk Nerdy guest, young Stella Krone. Follow Neil: @NeilShubin.

Episode 100 - Cara Santa Maria

Cara celebrates the 100th episode of #TalkNerdy by letting YOU interview HER! She turns the tables in this special #AskMeAnything edition, ranging from topics like depression to science fiction to, of course, her famous two questions that end the show. THANK YOU for an incredible 100 episodes! Talk Nerdy wouldn't be possible without the support of listeners like you.